What's the best way for me to go about getting back together with my ex?

My ex and I have been broken up for about a month and half. We didn't break up because of huge issues but he just felt like it wasn't right timing. But we recently started talking and the idea of trying again came up. His reservations seem to be that he doesn't have a ton of time and he is unsure of his future in this city. But if he did move it probably wouldn't be for a few months and his hometown is only 3 hours away. I go there lots anyway because my dad lives there also. I've told him that if we were still dating once I finished school (a year from now) I would have no problem moving there. As for the whole time thing I told him there are always weekends to hang out since he is usually pretty busy during the week. Another issue he brought up was that he is afraid of getting into a relationship only to find out after a while that you're going in two different paths. But I told him no one knows either way what is going to happen and that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. What if I ended up being the one?

Basically I want to know what I can do/say to convince him to give it another shot? I know he still likes me and I'm totally crazy about him. More so than any other guy I've been with. Any advice would really help! Thanks :)


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  • Getting back with an ex NEVER WORKS

  • It looks like you're making pretty good progress on your own. I wouldn't bring up anything about "getting back together". Just enjoy each others company with no pressure.

    • Okay thanks. I think you're probably right. I was gonna ask him if he wanted to hang out sometime this week. Good plan?

    • I don't think that's a good idea right now, can you wait it out for a couple of weeks?

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