Weird ex boyfriend, very weird...

i have this ex boyfriend. he was my 1st boyfriend. I really took him seriously. I'm choosy with guys. we broke up like 1month and 2wks. we broke up because he was neglecting me. before he wasn't like that but as time passed he'll just contact me when he wants to. he is really weird. seriously. then when I broke up with him after that he was still trying to contact me somehow. asking how am i. and that he wants us to be back together but he thinks he can't change he said he really tried. and told me give him time.

he says he is sorry with everything. somehow he contacts me. til he contacted me again we got into like an argument he got pissed with me, but after a few days he messaged me he told me he really misses me but he knows that I don't want to see him anymore I told him I'm not mad at him that he can see me anytime he wants. so yeah the next day he called me he told me he really misses me and then I laughed. he got pissed at me he said I'm not the same girl he knew before (so I was like wtf.) now its like he is changing the topic. I'm the one who changed? he was the one who really changed. I told him I don't know if I should believe you. I don't know if you are telling the truth. and I didn't change. I'm like this because we broke up. you made me this way. so he was updating me with what's happening to him lately. and then he told me til now he doesn't have anyone except me. he told me he loves me. he said he will go to my place the next day so we could talk. so yeah I tried to be nice again the next day I texted him that I was expecting him to come to my place so we could talk but he didn't reply. but that afternoon he was texting me somehow updating me with what's happening to him. but that night HE DIDNT COME. so yeah he stood me up again! (he is telling me he misses me he sh*t talked me again)

so my friends told me to text him like after 2days I told him that I really miss him that I didn't change that I hope we could really talk. I'm trying to adjust and make things right again thinking that maybe he thinks that I don't want him anymore! but he didn't reply. before way back before he told me we were suposed to really meet that week but he didn't contact me he didn't go there again.

see when I care he doesn't care when I don't care he gets mad. until now I still love him. I'm getting hurt. because I really love him. I'm confused with him. I can't understand him. I'm not contacting him anymore since I last texted him and he didn't reply to me. he was even getting mad at me because there are these guys who were like commenting on me in my fb. so I was thinking its not my problem because I'm now single and that I was just being nice to them.

so I can't really understand him. I'm sorry if my story is messed up. :( help!


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  • Forget him! He's just playing mind games he's not worth it, ignore his calls you don't have to put up with sh*t like this!


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  • Your story is the same as every other girl who is dating a douche bag. No offense but girls like you just upset me... Move on already

  • sounds like you love the drama and attention. I agree move on...

  • your ex sounds like an petty and easily jealous man to me. if you think he is not the right one, then let go. I am sure that there are better guys out there, its just that you haven met them yet.

    • im not sure if I should think if he is the right one. I'm really confused by him. I don't know if he needs time or what. he is really confusing me bigtime!

  • firstly; do you think he is the right guy for you ?

    • i really do love him. there were a lot of guys who liked me before and new guys that likes me now but still I chose him to be my boyfriend. his my 1st boyfriend. I can't really understand him. I'm weirded out. I really want us to be back together. but I don't know how and what's up. I'm really confused :'(

    • I hope that you can seriously think over again. Even you yourself don't even know whether he is the right one for you. I understand its your first relationship, and its hard to forget. don't hold on to sth that is not fated to be yours. All I can suggest to you is; If you think he is the right one, then hold on, otherwise let go if not you are going to suffer in this relationship. I think you should know how to think..

    • well I don't know if he is the right one because he is always confusing me. :( so yeah its kinda hard to tell. he's weird contacting me then not contacting me then tells me sweet stuff then not contacting me again. lol. anyway, I'll think about it. thanks for your advice. I get your advice :)

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  • babe...i've been there...and I'm 5years into it...and I'm telling you. THEY DON'T CHANGE.

    i'm sorry...

    i'll tell you my story and let you pick out the parrallels...

    i met this guy when I was 16. he was great, funny, was doing volunteer work at a disabled people's home on his summer holidays, was in the army part time, played rugby. I really liked him. we got together. he kept in touch. a little. week 1 after was great. week 2 not so much. and then he stopped talking to me altogether.

    6 months or so later he took it into his head to get back in touch with me and see what I was doing. now at this point I'd moved on. holiday flings weren't to be cried over 6 months later at 17 right? but anyway we came to nothing...he invited me back up to visit him, I went...2hour trip (yes I was an idiot) and he hour! imagine my frustration and how hurt I was!

    needless to say I didn't speak to him for a long time after my complete shock he offered to drive from belfast to dublin to see me in his new car. now I have no idea what he expected from this, but I sure thought driving 400 km was a big deal. we went to the cinema, it was nice, nothing went wrong it was perfect...but he disappeared as soon as the effort stopped being on his side and started being on mine.

    so the next year or so is easy to sum up...countless drunken phone calls at all hours of the day or night. friends being put on the phone to tell me how much he liked me. honestly it was all great in his head til reality kicked in.

    i called his bluff and we tried a relationship. disaster.

    so fast forward to now...i'm in belfast. and I've just watched the whole thing again. the babe I miss you's, the darling your the best's. the no-one else is quite like you's. until I demanded something proper. not much. just something more than words.

    this boys problem is the word girl friend. it scares him. it puts permanence in his head and makes him think that the thrill of the chase which he loves will never be there any more. he doesn't want to be caught. but he doesn't want to let you go either. he's selfish. let him go sweetie. I'm sorry about how long this is. but I'd hate to let somebody go through this. believe me, I'm telling you first hand. it doesn't get better. it gets harder.

    • he wasn't like that before its so hard because he made me believe he was nice to me. yeah my friends are also telling me that. he's so confusing. always confusing me. so weird. I don't know if he is sh*t*ng me. thanks for your advice and for sharing your story much appreciated

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