Ex girlfriend dumped me and deleted me off facebook.

Everything was going great until about a week ago she told me she was falling in love with me. This made me really happy because no girl has ever told me this in an emotional way like she did.

Well the next day she texted me saying she was confused and needed space because she wasn't sure. I agreed and gave her the space she wanted.

During those three days I've been noticing her talking to this guy and turns out they were planning on going to the movies together but I never called her out on it because I trusted her. Well three days later she texted me saying she wasn't ready and that I'm a great guy and deserve the best but I have personal and family problems that need 100% of my attention blah blah blah I heard all that before. I have a feeling that was just an excuse to throw me away. But anyways after I told her I was going to move on she deleted me off facebook and I won't lie I was very hurt by that.

What do you think? and what should I do? Thanks

But one month before this I deleted her because she got a letter from this random profile and she believed it and went off on me and instead of arguing with her I deleted her. And the next day she apologized and sent me a friend a request.
Should I try to add her back?


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  • I am so sorry that sucks :( you sound like an awesome guy, keep your head held high and focus on your real friends and family, get to the gym take care of yourself, eat healthly, party and go out dancing with your friends, don't chase her and forget about this girl.

    u are worth way more that a girl who is confused about the way she feels about u.

    Wedding singer quote "why would you want to dance with someone who doesn't want to dance with u"

    hope this helps : ) and keep smiling be the better person and don't react


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  • Facebooks full of BEEP, it just adds to people`s problems of insecurity, jealousy and being anti-social

  • real life does not revolve around facebook, if you try add her back it will make you look desperate

  • Its best if you give it time and don't contact her. She sounds really fickle

  • you move on. don't try to get her back. she doesn't want to be with y ou


What Guys Said 1

  • Yea, try adding her back and see what she says.. then from her actions you can form a good plan to winning back her heart


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