What is his deal..... I don't get it

My ex boyfriend of 4yrs broke up with me 4 months ago he stayed in contact with me because he had mail here and I kept tellin him to change and he said I will but its still comin here after 4 months. I asked him to talk about us trying it again he said I don't know I have to think about it well a week went by and then he told me he just wanted to be friend I told him I can't be his friend. He said I want to be your friend we havve been together for a long time we don't need to just let it go. so I tild him no and I think he is upset because he wasn't expecting me to say that. I told him not to talk to me anymore and chage address. He said OK I will get my dog and be out of your life... That was a week ago and I'm still getting mail


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  • Just tell him you'll throw out every piece of mail that's his and actually do it and he'll end up changing the address or else he won't get his bills, etc. Also, good for you for not being his friend. It's funny how the one who ends the relationship always wants to stay friends, but if they were on the receiving end, they wouldn't want to.

    • Yea it is crazy and thx. I told him change your address and don't contact me anymore I think he plans on doing it tho because he hasn't changed it yet but I don't want to talk to him so if he does call I will just ignore I'm done with all his games and mixed signals.

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  • You were right to tell him you don't want to be friends. Being friends with an ex always makes is so much harder to move on. And he broke up with you, so he can't expect you to be his friend if you don't want to. As for the mail thing... Do you know his current address? Why not just resend all his mail to him so you don't have to contact him about it all the time.

    • I do not know his address I know where he lives just not the address but why should I do that he can change it. I can just keep stacking it up or write return to sender on it. I'm sure he will contact me to get mail beacuase he knows he didn't change it and knows I have some mail for him

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