My ex broke up with me because he was confused and now he is talking to other girls

My ex and I been together for a little over 8years. We started dating when we were just out of High School. I made the mistake of making my life revolve around him. I moved from Maryland to California for him. Within two years of our relationship we took a break because he wanted time to himself which gave me the opp to move back home. After two years we both realized that we were meant for each other. So again, I moved back for him. Our relationship where going well until the last 3 months. During the last three months he started acting so secretive when it came to his cell phone and would hang out with friends, what seems like every other night. He would come home around 3am or later. Keep in mind that he never invites me to this all guy hangout so I got curious and found out that he was hanging out with "some" girl whom would always be where he and his friends are. She posted a picture of them together on FB with made me furious so I confronted him. Soon after the confrontation, the picture was gone and she no longer was in the story. From that incident we been on rocky roads and he can't even be around me without being weird. At the end he dumped me on XMAS eve because he couldn't see me in his future. It felt like the worst pain unimaginable. The problem is we still live together until the end of the month. Yes, it is weird, confusing and complicated. During our final break up he can't stand to be in the same room as me because from what he says "he's a jerk/scumbag & being around me remind him of that". Its been down to my last weeks where I'm about to permanently move back home, he hasn't even tried to make out relationship work as "friends". I'm so upset and hurt now because I haven't even left yet and he is enjoying the single life and talking to girls. I don't want him back but I just need to get this out of my chest. I'm hurting so much from all he's done to me. How could someone love you so much for so long hurt you this badly in the end? How could someone say they love you and is already quickly talking/ flirting/ trying to hook up with other girls. I'm getting more and more hurt as he hangs out because I get curious and my mind tends to wonder what he's doing when he's out. Is this his way of handling the break up. He sees his action is hurting me but he doesn't take the time to stop and comfort me because it might complicate things. I'm ready to move on but this pain is so hard to ignore. Please help me get over him and make this pain go away. I hate thinking about what he's doing all the time. Why can't he just wait until I leave to roam free?


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  • Well your not going to get over him until you move out. And when you do move out remove him off of your facebook and any other evidence he existed or you will have the need to keep tabs on his every move. And in my opinion no hard feeling he probably did love you but didn't feel as if you were the one meaning he wasn't in love and stayed in the relationship because he was comfortable. And because you were the one in love you was blind to everything he did. But, you can look at it as a plus because you didn't deserve the treatment he was giving you, so now that he set you free you can look for someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. And he probably does not want to be in the same room with you because he thinks you were walking around sad and thought you dropped the mood in the room. So for your last couple days bring guys over, walk around overly happy and show him that your over him and he too will get jealous. So stick it to him

    xox ~ Good Luck ~ xoxo


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