Contemplating a restraining order....

OK, so I believe I have my first full blown psycho ex... We were good friends for a year, chill out, party buddies. She lied to me a lot in that time as I know now. Played it off like she was a good girl with bad luck...

We dated 7 months, I lost my license 2 months in, she got me to move in with her, big mistake. She got psycho controlling, going through my phone, hacking emails, insane jealousy, the works. I put up with it for 5 months and it progressively got worse, I tried everything to get her over it, nothing worked till I got tired of being accused of being a cheater, and a liar, when she was stuck to me like velcro all the time (how could I be?)

So I had enough, I told her I was tired of being treated like a piece of sh*t 95% of the time and walked. I told her the relationship had changed from the give take awesome friendship, to me giving all I had and it never being enough. She promised change, stuck to it for a day, then changed her mind, the re promised, she went back and forth like this for about a week. I just listened to what she said, she showed no consistency so I ignored it.

Then she raged, called me every name under the sun, started hooking up with a bunch of my "loser" friends as she called them (she hooked up with the most loserish ones though) tried befriending my old female friends she never let me talk to and tried to get them to choose me or her. Started rumors that I was gay, started rumors I had gotten into drugs, and that I cheated. She actually started doing cocaine the day after we split.

Lately after I tried calling her out on the rumors she's spread and the sh*t she has done she snapped again and told me to watch my back.

I'm thinking peace order or something. This is getting stupid. I'm 20, I'm not playing high school games. What do I expect from a girl like this? Keyed car? Screwing with future relationships? I'm new the the psycho ex world.

She had me convinced I was crazy. I went to see a shrink after we split. I didn't know what I liked, had no interest in old hobbies, no interest in life. Psychologist told me I was mentally healthy and stable, just had been emotionally abused.


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  • wow she sounds like a piece of work. she seems to go for more psychological attacks (getting with your friends and trying to manipulate them against you etc.) than doing anything physically like keying your car.

    i'm assuming you moved out and broke up with her? that is the first step just try and stay away from her. if she comes after you or tries to mess with future girlfriends confront her calmly about it. (I know it sounds lame but being the more mature one and the bigger person makes a difference.)

    if none of that works for this chick then a restraining order might be the next step. good luck.

    • Yea I'm kind of thinking so. My good friends warned me to not date her, I gave her the benifit of the doubt. The ones she has been hooking up with were more aqquaintances you could say. . So her hooking up with guys less attractive, really had no effect on. She has pretty much ruined her rep in our town since we split as well. Everyone is starting to hate her. I almost feel bad for her and tried being her friend numerous times but she tried playing games and blew it.

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  • I am going through the same thing as you. My boyfriend is the same way. The only difference is I am pregnant with his son. I have not left yet but after reading your post it does not look like it gets better. These people need help.


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  • Usually the mental games precede destruction of personal property or outright physical harm. I'm not saying it will come to that but keep your eyes open. Cut off all communication with this girl immediately if you haven't done so yet. If she calls don't answer but if she leaves a message you'll definitely want to save it, same with text messages don't respond but save them. This way if she says something crazy you'll have proof and will be able to go to the police with it. Also depending on how bad it gets you may have to change your number and take other precautions.


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