If your ex coldly breaks up with you. Then says he or she wants to stay friends. Would you stick around?

Say your ex broke up with you coldly over the phone, but then says he or she wants to be friends, would you do it? Would you stick around for that crap after such a cheap break up? Are you really such a bastard for thinking "to hell with with this."?

So... poll question. Would you stick around?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • One of my ex's and I had a bad break up a few years ago over his stupid "logic." He asked the same question, and I stopped all communication with him for months. Eventually I started talking to him again, but to this day I wouldn't call us friends...We're cool though.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I never stay friends with exes. But even if I did, I would purposely not be friends with someone who did that to me out of principal.

  • It depends. Staying friends with someone who coldly broke up with you is like saying I'm okay with it.

    If I wasn't okay with the break up and I didn't like what they did, I would say no.


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