LONG STORY - I really liked the waitress & convinced she was flirting with me - was she?

Earlier this afternoon (16 January 2011) I was in a nice restaurant within a 4 star hotel which was nice.

As we entered, a female staff member/waitress offered to take & hang our coats up, so no-one else in my group wanted their coats hanging, so I passed her mine & she gave me this nice smile & took it then showed us to our table.

Then she asked us what drinks we would like, so I was last to order & after I ordered she smiled & said 'sure'. When she came back & gave me my drink, she said "I didn't know whether you wanted lemon in it" so I said that was fine & smiled at her.

When we ordered our meals she was again smiley at me but when she came back once we'd finished (I left a few greens (salad) on my plate as I was full) she said jokingly to me "You've left your greens, no pudding for you!" lol

So when she served our puddings to my group (I had a tea instead) I said to her "I didn't have a pudding as I'm full" to which she replied "your a bad boy leaving them!" lol

Afterwards we went next door to the lounge for tea & coffee, and there was a nice fire there (which had burnt out) so this same waitress came through & placed 2 chunks of wood in there & said to me "you shouldn't have let the fire burn out" then smiled, so I just smiled at her.

A member of my group had been many years ago to the same restaurant/hotel & recognized the sexy waitress & told her that she'd seen her before & the waitress I like said that she remembered her to for being 'very much the lady'. After the waitress said that, I said to her "I always remember the pretty faces" and she gave me this huge smile.

The waitress looked around early to mid 30s & I am a tall 23yr old guy who was smartly dressed.

Was she genuinely flirting (not for tips) & will she know I was flirting with her by what I said to her?

I intend to go back there sometime as it was a nice place.


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  • hahaha. yeah, sounds like she was flirting with you, that's the kinds of things I'd do if I were flirting. And I think she would know you were flirting by what you said to her for sure, it's not all that subtle haha.

    • Aw thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to answer!

    • Oh no prob it's no biggie.

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  • Sounds like fun! I think it sounds like she thought you were attractive, but waitresses have to be smiley because it's their job. But I genuinely think she was flirting and I am almost 100% sure she knew you were flirting too.


    • Many thanks IHateMegaanFox - really value your answer, it was a good answer & thanks again for answering. :-)

    • no problem.

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