He feels the relationship is just going to end anyway and there's nothing I can do. What is making him this way?!

My boyfriend and I are both 19 and have been dating for about two years now, we come from the same school but very different cliques I have recently found out I need to move and live on my own which his parents are against but he says he doesn't care and he loves me and wants to live with me but every now and then he suddenly changes his mind and wants a 'trial' period and says he was just going to say his goodbyes anyway after he was sure I was set up. I just don't understand! I have asked him multiple tomes and he said he feels the relationship is just going to end anyway and there's nothing I can do but then reassures me he is happy and loves me' he just needs to reevaluate the relationship after we move out to see if it's the same -

I am screwed if he leaves :/ what do I do?! Why is he doing this?!

But I don't understand why he needs to reevaluate our whole relationship if he is happy, this isn't fair and I hate it :(

I have been reassuring him the whole way but he keeps changing his mind and I can't afford him to do that


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  • you're both young and moving into a different stage of life, so it's seemingly rushed and there's the pressure of failure, which he's concerned about...this is normal, and your job is to confide in him your assurances that it can work...from my experience, I'd have to side with him if you're both 19


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  • Sadly, guys usually don't like to confess their feelings. They prefer to let their actions speak. I've never really been in a situation like this sadly since I've never had a relationship.

    The only advice I can give you is, keep tell him how you feel about this and say how you still want to be together.


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  • Again he is 19 and you are 19. Go to college... get a degree... meet new people perhaps new partners. Start a new life.


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