Is there a chance and how do I go about it?

My ex and I are trying to make plans to hang out. She told me she would love to she just doesn't want it to be weird. We've hung out before and it was not weird before but this time it has been a while. I most definitely want her back she of course does not know this. So I made some jokes, she said I don't want it to be weird I told her I would be overly aggressive and overtly flirtatious the whole night. she jokingly said I if I'm looking to get laid I should make plans with my buddy. at least she knows what I want haha. then she made plans for next week. is she completely not interested is there a chance and how do I go about it?


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  • I can't really tell from your question if she is interested or not. I would say, just go and have fun. Don't worry and just do your thing. Try to establish some physical contact and if the evening goes well, I would try to kiss her if I were you. See how she responds. I think that if she has any intention of getting back with you, she will at the least kiss back. If not, there's not much chance. By the way don't ask if you can kiss her or anything clingy like, "What do you think about us? Do you miss me?" Etc. Just do it, without asking, and don't bring up relationship stuff at all. If she does like you she will get the message and she will respond.


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