Why do guys cheat on their girlfriends?

It's so awful, so why do guys do it? It only fires back in their face in the end.


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  • For the same reason that girls cheat on their boyfriends. Why do people act like this is confined to one gender? Seriously.

    • Well I've never cheated so I wouldn't know. But what would be your reason tocheat on a girl? Just curious because this gut cheated on me for 5 months soooo

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    • Uhg isn't it the worst.

    • Definitely =(

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  • The same reason girls cheat on their boyfriends I guess. I have never cheated but I have been cheated on. I know both boys and girls that have cheated. But I stand by what I say when I say this "If you don't want to be in the relationship and you want to be with someone else, leave" and "Being drunk is not and NEVER will be an excuse for cheating"

  • In my case, my boyfriend cheated because he wasn't thinking straight, and we were both angry at each other at the time. And yeah, it's horrible, but girls cheat on their boyfriends just as much as the guys do. Anything with cheating always back fires in the end, planned or not.

  • I think guys cheat because they are whores and I think girls cheat because A they are whores or B they aren't getting emotionally satisfied with their relationship and a guy can come along and fill all the holes. I have never cheated just my guess.

    • Hmmm that makes since ha ha it's just funny because this guy cheated on me and I never found out why

    • Also guys might cheat if your not giving it up they might not want to leave you but they may screw someone on the side.. seen that happen a lot

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