Ex is drunk texting me...I'm afraid I'll fall again!

he says he really wants to talk to me so we are texting right now,but he's drunk. I shut him out of my life purposely after our last break up... We have been in LOVE for 3 years,crushed on each other for 7 years... We date on and off.. usually we date,fight,break up,then date again but its been about 2-3 months since we broke up, just the other day I was thinking to myself "omg, we haven't got back together...we are actually done this Tim" I love him so much and I do miss him. just talking to him right now is giving me butterflies:((( ughh! what do I do?


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  • Does he only text you when he's drunk? If so, ask him why he never texts you sober.

    • no, he'll text me when he's sober too. We just recently started talking again,.

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    • he always promises that he wont..but he never sticks to his promises:( since the night that I posted this we have been talking non-stop,sadly..i've fallen hard again:'(

    • You need to think about what is best for you. If he keeps promising he won't hurt you, but then does then he sounds like he will continue to do that whilst you let him. I believe in second chances, but not third, forth etc. If I were you, I would cut contact with him and work on myself.

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