Question about cheating?

Here's the story.. I dated this girl for a year... it started off with her cheating on her current boyfriend with me, but I had no clue until later. She waited until I was a "sure thing" to break up with him. We dated for a year then she did the same thing to me. A couple months later, she contacts me and apologizes and admits that her new fling was a rebound when our "spark" wasn't all there anymore. She tells me that she still loves me and wants to get back together... I give her the second chance, but again, SHE WAS STILL WITH THE GUY until she figured I was a sure thing. This story repeats itself for one other guy... She played us all for chumps but always comes back to me, because I'm assuming I was the most serious and long term... I know that I'm stupid for going back to her any amount of times, but I've finally learned my lesson... Our last fling went on for about a month and she cheated on me with the second guy from earlier... I found out and broke it off as soon as possible... My question to you guys is should I tell these other guys what she has done, since I am the only one to figure out her game. So far, I have been the reason that she has cheated / broken up with both of them, except now, she is back together with one. I have been hurt by her time and time again, and as a result, I will probably have trust issues in the future and I don't want to see her do that to someone else... Should I try and contact them and tell them what she is doing, and run the risk of sounding like the "jealous ex", or just let them figure it out on their own?

I have completely cut all ties with her and am in the process of moving on.. and hoping that whenever I find someone new, that they will be an actual caring human being. She made it obvious she wasn't worth my time and I hope the other guys the best.


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  • Don't be that guy and tell her boyfriends. You are not the reason she cheated on the other two guys. She has no integrity and that's the real reason.

    "Once a cheater, always a cheater."

    I'd ignore her and move on. Learn from this experience so you don't get hurt again in the future.


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  • just let them figure it out on their own. She sounds like someone who doesn't really know what she wants, and she seems kind of hard to trust. I'm glad you are figureing out she isn't for you. Good luck finding someone you can trust more :)

  • What makes you so sure that they don't know her game?

    • They still want to be friends / date her... I know she hasn't told them that she has cheated on them.

    • Unless she has told you that none of them know then I wouldn't underestimate them. They could be with her just for the joy ride. I know you want to prevent the others from being hurt but at the same time do you want her to suffer? This could potentially blow up in your face for trying to be the "good guy." I would just say to stay out of it so that you don't further damage yourself. Forget about the past, delete her number, all contact, etc, make it difficult for her to reach you too.

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  • I dated a girl like that once, I know of a couple others that do the same thing. Unsure of what they want, and usually pretty insecure, poor self image, scared of being alone. Do you really want to be with someone who ALWAYS has to have someone and can't be alone? Or do you want someone who can be happy alone and not need to always have someone? She's not worth it, and it will likely blow up in your face if you try to be the good guy and tell the other guys about her ways. You had to find out on your own, why shouldn't they? My most recent ex as I found out had a couple "unofficial" boyfriends when me and her started dating. She cheated between those two, then on both of them with me, before she cut them off. Then when I called a break so we could work on our issues, and after she made me promise we would be faithful to each other throughout the break, she starts sleeping with the old 2, and a 3 of my friends. So I got the hell out of dodge lol. She ain't worth it.


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