I'm cheating, try not to judge me!

Okay, I'm cheating on this long time girl that I've been in love with, which I'm not actually dating, but we both know that we love each other. So for the last couple of months I've been hooking up with this girl no strings attached and now I'm feeling guilty about it so I sort of want to go clean. So can you guys help me in any sort of way? Especially that I've been lying to her those couple of months a lot, about where I've been spending my time and with who.

The thing is she actually asked me, a couple of days ago, about what's been going on with me. So in some sort of way I think she knows,because whenever we talk about what I've been the other day or something she sort of gives me this look and I know her
and I know that this means she knows what's going on but she's just waiting for me to say it to her. and thing is I really do love her and I feel like an asshole but I guess everyone makes mistakes so any help with what I could say to her would be amazing


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  • It's better if you tell her now, than wait even longer. She may give you a second chance, but you have to realize that she is going to be beyond upset and hurt and all that emotion is going to be direct to you. I seriously, hope she gives you hell :)


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  • If I was her I would just want you to come clean, like straight away, with no hesitations, she might respect you more for telling the truth. If you leave it any longer it might get harder, and a little but more messy. Just tell her.

  • come clean. I feel bad for both girls. it always sucks to be the girl you don't care about and are just hooking up with, but now you aren't even being faithful to the girl you love. why weren't you together in the first place? I mean, I guess you do have some justification in the fact that you weren't together, so it technically isn't cheating. however, as the girl I would question how much you really cared and wanted to be with me if you were screwing someone else on the side.

  • drop the girl that you have been hooking up with and stop lying, but don't come clean is one option, I know most people will disagree and shoot me down for saying that but you are not actually dating the other girl so is it actually cheating ?


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