Is there really someone for everyone?

My personality is calm reclusive and quiet. When I'm not working I'm reading lifting weights or doing volunteer stuff. Do not have or want many friends. Don't talk much and I don't approach women. At the same time I'm not willing to compromise on my standards, nor am I willing to pursue women.

Most of the girls I dated I cut things off with after figuring out that they had already had sex before


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  • There IS someone for everyone. You, unfortunately, have different standards than most guys do. You also mentioned that you don't socialize and take no initiative to meet people. So how do you expect to find a girl? You push everyone away, so I'm sure people around you know by now not to approach you. I'm also assuming you want a girl who is similar to you, and you said you keep to yourself most of the time. Well so do the girls of the type you're looking for. You can't expect them to approach you. You want something, well you have to have the ambition to fight for it. You can't expect to have it your way and have everyone come to you. And the girls that did? You dumped them because they weren't virgins. What the hell. Everyone makes mistakes, you're just too picky. You can't expect to have a girl without flaws and who is exactly like you. That would make the relationship boring, anyway.

    • I don't have any interest in women that have made those kinds of mistakes.

    • So you're saying everyone has to be perfect? And, you COULD find a girl who is a virgin that meets your standards, but the main problem is that YOU don't approach people, so how will you meet a girl like that? Don't expect girls to approach you. You don't "want to change your ways", you say, well why should they.

    • If I really liked a girl I might overlook the fact she slept with one Guy. More than that and I'd assume she's a ho

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  • I believe there is someone out there for everyone. You just need patience. And to be honest, think about it this way, for every relationship that doesn't work out, is one step closer to finding that person who it will work out with. But you said with most of the girls you have dated you have cut things off because they have had sex before? But dude, reality check... The girl doesn't have to be a virgin for you to fall in love with her. You can't judge a girl just because she has had sex before.

    Not being funny or anything. But that's just my opinion. Ciao. x

    • Of course I can judge a woman and I've never looked past a woman having poor morals and I never will. I hold people I love to the same standards I hold myself to.

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    • I could never love someone like that.

    • Sorry to say, but with an attitude like that dude, not many girls are going to be interested in you.

  • I belive there is, its just a long road before you finally find them =)

  • There is but... you have to meet them first! Meaning if you're not gonna go out and socialize, and at least put effort into finding the love of your life, then it's not going to happen anytime soon.

    I'm not saying it's impossible by any means, but at your age you may be hard pressed to find a girl that is still a virgin. And if she is... well, most likely she's already taken.

    If you're not willing to pursue women, then why in the world should they have to pursue you? It takes effort on both peoples' parts.

    Having sex is a part of life. Yes, sometimes it can be a mistake... but you have to learn to accept and move on. Acceptance is also part of a relationship. If you can't accept her, why should she accept you?

    A relationship is a two way street, my friend.

    • Why should I have to?

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    • I can accept peoples flaws but I'll never pursue women it's just not who I am

    • I don't mean to sound harsh.

      But if you aren't willing to approach or pursue a woman, then stop whining about not finding the right gal. If you don't make some sort of effort to let a girl know you like her, then Surprise! She won't know you like her! And common sense tells us that if she thinks you don't like her, SHE isn't going to approach YOU either.

      Honestly, it sounds like you really don't even want a relationship all that bad. Otherwise you'd be willing to put in a bit of work.

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  • this day and age it is hard to find a girl who is a virgin, and also a guy that is a virgin. The ones you find, if they give you a good vibe and a good company and you really don't want to be single for the rest of your life you might want to settle with a very nice girl who many not be a virgin. otherwise as you grow older, it might even be more hard to find a girl who is a virgin or who hasn't slept with a lot of men. good luck


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  • nope don't believe that


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