My boyfriend HATES that an ex is one of my friends!?

My current boyfriend "K" knew my ex "L" as kids they grew up on the same street til they were like 12 years old, and never saw each other again...

I was with "L" for two years, we split but stayed friends (as we were before we ever tried a relationship) and about a month or two later I met "K"

"K" and I have been together about 8 mos. and now he want's me to cut "L" out of my circle of friends, I don't think that's right, "L" isn't the only Ex that I'm friends with I would never date a guy I couldn't be friends with so we don't just cut ties if it doesn't work out why should it be different now just because they didn't like each other FIFTEEN years ago !


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  • i wouldn't like this either I can go as far to say I would not date a women that is friends with any of her exs or anybody she has had any sort of sexual contact with


What Girls Said 1

  • That's a little harsh of your boyfriend, I guess he is jealous/feels threatened, esp because he doesn't like the guy. It's hard to disturb your circle of friends though. I guess compromise a bit, like don't hang out alone with L or become too close with him

    • Thats just it I'm a very Trustworthy girlfriend, I have never and will never cheat (period.)

      Everyone knows me around our town and my bfs find it intimidating at times that people are constantly in contact with me etc. but its different this time with K trying to tell me I can't be friends with L and such because I always tell him when he's showed up somewhere when I'm with mutual friends I'm not sneaky in the slightest so I don't c the big deal

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