What should I do? I really want him back..

Last week I broke up with My boyfriend things weren't working out really. After I broke up with him he said he was happy I broke up with him because I wasn't the One, which I don't know if he actually meant it, or just said it because he was mad. & I also told him I didn't want to talk to him for awhile just to have space and I thought we were done for sure so I wanted to get over him.

last night, I decided to text him, I like him so much and care so much I really wanted to talk to him. so I sent a simple text saying " I miss you ", He then texted back awhile later and said "I miss you too". then I asked him how he was, He said he was alright, and then he asked me the same. I then told him I missed him a lot. and He said Aw, I miss you too, and I miss cuddling with you and watching movies.

I miss it too, a lot.

a bit after we were kind of talking, I asked him if he actually meant what he said about me not being the One, and if he did mean it then how come? He never answered My text at all. what does that mean? does he not have an answer for that? what do you think?

today at school in one of our classes, he would only talk small to me when I was in a group with people, but when I was with one other person or alone he wouldn't look or talk to me, and in the halls too, I'm so confused.

I really miss him, and realize what I let Go of and I shouldn't have. should I text him again tonight or no?

and how do I make him want me back? I'd do anything to have him again. what should I do and say? what could he be thinking by the sounds of it?


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  • i think you should give him some space, he might be really upset about what happened between you guys and probably felt like crap about what he said especially since you called him out on it. but he doesn't really seem like he cares, your putting more effort to make it work then he is and it just seems like he is avoiding you. maybe he really does want to move on and is happy that you guys break up. but seriously if it was meant to work out for you guys and he was the one then he would come back. if you really love someone you have to learn to let them go and if they feel the same love for you they will decide to come back and stay. but if you truly do want to try things just show how sorry your are and how much you really do care about him. eventually though, he might realize but there's not much you really can do.


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  • I think you should take it easy and make sure you really want him back. You broke it off, I'm sure there were reasons. You have to make sure that even if you miss him you're not going to feel like dumping him again two weeks later. If you are pretty sure you just made a blunder with breaking off with him, then go to him and tell him simply. Just make sure you are thinking about the fact he might not want you back so you don't overreact if he tells you that and keep your composure.


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  • go talk to him at the right time ,no ones around so they can't over hear, if he's all about this your not the one ? then don't waste your time on a guy whos not worth you tears or time, one day ull find one who is and he won't make you cry.

  • Go up to him and talk to him in person.

    Tell him that you want him back in your life as your boyfriend.

    If he rejects the suggestion of you two getting back together then you will be aware whether or not he's into you as he once was.


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