I just moved into an apartment and I have a question.

I moved into the bottom floor of an apartment building and I hear a lot of walking around. Surprisingly I'm totally okay with this, but I sometimes hear them talking. Does sound travel up as much as it does down? I'm a fairly private person so I don't mind lowering my voice, but if any of you have lived on a top floor before I would love to know what types of noises you heard from the floors below you.


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  • i don't think they can hear you since you live on the bottom floor, I used to live in a two family house when I was younger with my cousin and my family lived on the top and my cousin's family lives in the bottom and the only time I heard them was when it was late at night and someone was singing karaoke and that's about it or blasting some loud asian music


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  • they're not being loud or yelling at one another. unfortunately in apartments, this is the norm

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