Forgiving and forgetting. Becoming friends with an ex?

We broke up 3 months ago. She did a few things that upset me prior and after the break up but I bit my lip and said nothing and just went NC. After 3 months NC she text and we had a brief conversation. Things had cooled off and it was nice to hear from her and we kept things civil. Now we have had a few more conversations it seems we are becoming friends again (at least that is what she wants). I'm not against this but their is an element of resentment towards her that I can't shake off. Should I bring this up or just forgive and forget? They aren't major issues but they are issues all the same?


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  • I am going throught the exact same with the exact same time frame. however I have yet to contact my ex. beingin her shoes I say you should do both. forgive and forget but you can't do that unless you confront what bothered you. if you don't confront it that resentment you feel will always be there and may ruin what could be a wonderful friendship or maybe something more again in the future. you don't have to confont all the issues all at once but take things one step at a time. Time truly does heal all...


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