Do you think he will come back?

It was pretty up and down fro a few months, mainly due do to dumb misunderstandings, but we always kept coming back to one another. Well a week ago I REALLY ended things. He sent me a text apologizing after I sent him an email ending it, but I never responded to his text. In the past I always smoothed things over and this time I was hoping he'd be the one to do that seeing as how he's the one who messed up...I wondering if he's completely done with me or if he'd ever contact me again?

It's only been a week, but it's felt like FOREVER not talking to him ad I think about him every day.


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  • I'm in a similar situation as your guy, me and my girlfriend broke up before, got back together a few days later, but last time it seemed like she really ended it. I sent her a text apologizing, but she did respond to my text a day later and say I'm not good enough for her so I never responded after that since there isn't much I can say to respond to that. I haven't contacted her again since, but I want to, I was hoping she'd come around actually, but I don't know if that will happen. Maybe he's thinking the same? since most get back girlfriend posts usually tell the guy to go NC and wait for the girl if she dumped him instead of bombarding her with emails and stuff. But do you want him to come back?

    • Yes! I can't stop thinking about him. But I want him to fight for me. I know that might sound fairytale/Hollywoodish, but it's true.

      Why I ended it: I laid all my feelings out and wanted to make sure we were on the same page. He texted me that he got my email, but and would respond later. Well later came and by 2pm the following dayafter seeing him online with no response I told him "his lack of a response told me everything. Bye!" He texted me apologzing, but it felt like more of an excuse...

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    • since I'm the guy that got dumped, I would say right away...but I know how you feel and you don't want to feel like you're doing all the work all the time. In that case it might be a long time. Maybe just send a text to see how he's doing and see if he makes any effort from there? But from your other post down there, it does seem like he isn't making much effort at all, does he seem disappointed when you guys break up?

    • Whenever I have ended things, which I have done twice now, he always responds when I get back into contact with him. He'll text, but rarely calls :( He usually gives me details why something happened the way it when I try to break it off with him. It was over email and text, so I'm not sure if he's upset at all. I know he liked me and was really attracted to me, so I guess so. He's not very open with his emotions and feelings though.

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  • If you truly miss him why don't you just talk to him and let him know how you feel. You're only causing pain to yourself by ignoring him.

    • I'm scared to put myself out there again for him.

    • dont be scared believe me as much as guys wanna fight for they also want the same from you, I'm sure he wants you back and would love it if you told him how you feel, right now I'm waiting on my ex to contact me I'm giving her the space that she wants but can't wait to hear from her I miss her dearly and if she was like you and contacted me I know I would be as happy as can be

    • When we were first starting out I went, uh, crazy lady on him and told him not to come visit me. Then, 5 days later I said I was sorry, explained myself, said I missed him, and he responds with "Just relax." Our 2nd argument he made no contact- I got in contact. This last one, it was me to lay it out there, not him. He couldn't set aside a few min for me? That hurt.

      I want to see some effort for him. I think I might just have to move on from him. I can't always be the one to make it right...

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