What does my ex want from me? What should I do?!

We've been broke up almost 2 years. He's never stopped trying to talk to me. He has a girlfriend now...but still texts me all the time. He's admitted he still loves/misses me. Whenever she's not around he's texting me, all throughout the day he texts me. We talk about EVERYTHING just like we used to. I don't have a boyfriend, but I do have other guys in my life. I still love/miss my ex as well. I would like to work things out. I'm just not sure what he wants or what I should do?


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  • You need to meet up with him and ask what he is doing. Ask how he feels about you, and tell him if all is well with both of you then you would like to try with him again. If he isn't man enough to leave his current girlfriend, then what he says about his feelings for you may not be as strong as he says.

    but after 2 years, and he still has those feelings? well maybe he realizes being with someone else isn't what he wants, and that he wants you.

    • thanx! I want to meet w/him,but I dont.Weve always been VERY attracted to each other physically & I don't want sumthin to happen that ill regret.We have an emotional bond as well.I asked him what he is doing.He said he didn't know what to do because he didn't think I wanted him anymore.Ive been angry toward him for almost a yr.I didn't think he wanted me.I think the prob is his girlfriend has been his close friend for many years.it s prob going to be hard for him to hurt her feelings.what a situation!

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    • i will! add me as a friend :) you keep me posted to!

    • will do! =)

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  • Even though you still love him and miss him you need to accept the fact that he's not man enough to break up with his current girlfriend to be with you. I suggest you tell him straight up how you feel about this because it simply isn't fair for you to have to deal with this.

    • thanx! It's quite a situation! & it sux! I know I can't wait around. It's hard trying to move on after being with sumone almost 6yrs..its even harder watchimg him with sumone else. I appreciate the advice!

  • If you don't want to waste time dragging it on, you need to communicate an ultimatum with him with a time frame. Put out your conditions for what you think needs to happen in order for the relationship to happen. If he decides he cannot comply with your conditions, make a clean break and move on. If he drags it out and acts like nothing has happened, tell him to go think about it before coming back to you. If he passes the time-frame try to give him pressure and if he still drags it make clean break and move on. Its gonna be hard but life is short and love without commitment is probably not what you want.


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