Seeing my ex tomorrow? how should I act?

i really love him and I guess he loves me, tomorrow I'll see him and I'll tell him how I feel and I really want him to tell me the truth bout some things, I want to know the real reason he broke up wit(for the 3rd time) me because I know he is lying so I think talking to him in person will help with our communication. it might be the last time I see him depending on how he reacts because it hurts me the way our relationship goes, he tells people and his friends that he loves me and I'm the world to him but I don't feel like he means it and if it is the last time I see him its gonna kill me inside forever because he means more then my life to me, and I guess he's never felt like this about a girl like this,and I don't hear for him for days and not seeing him for days kills me and I feel like if I don't call him or text him to hang out then he will never call me and forget me, I never chase guys but in this situation I guess I am. should I tell him everything? should I act to him?


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  • I don't think you should tell him everything..

    It may push him away, I did the same thing with my ex and thought I lost him forever.

    (we're friends now)

    But I definitely think you should ask like he's just one of your mates.

    It shows that in a way your not going to always be forcing to be his.

    I screwed up heaps with my ex by trying to get him back by lying which I learnt how much lying can screw you up haha. I told him I was pregnant with his kid, I went and said all.

    Lost him as a boyfriend.

    But apologized for everything and now we're good friends.

    Honestly I would rather still have him in my life as a friend then not being in my life at all, which I almost had.

    And if your relationship was really meant to be, he'll come back to you


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  • Just be normal if you beleive he loves you too.

    just say what do you feel without him,

    He will see a pain in your eyes, how much you missed her.

    Good luck


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