Why does my ex still message me when he has a new girlfriend?

I broke up with him because he wasn't treating me right (smokes a lot of pot and cheated on me early in the relationship and I couldn't get over it to trust him again) but I am still in love with him and it kills me. He got a new girlfriend super fast (wow that burnt me!) and they show a lot of affection for each other on facebook (hurts.SO.bad). But he keep messaging me flirty "get out of my head beautiful" and other similar messages. If he's so in love with his new girlfriend why does he keep sending me such messages?


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  • Why?

    Because you broke it off with him, he didn't break it off. He's still pursuing you.

    The new girlfriend is just a rebound, he's in the honeymoon/f*** like rabbits stage with her.

    Why are you looking at his FaceBook page? When you breakup, the key is to cut all contact. No FB, no email, no texts, no calls, etc. It's better for you, it's better for him AND better for his new girlfriend.

    How could you possibly love someone who cheated on you? You should have dropped him like a bad habit; once a cheat always a cheat. And a pothead? What a winner.


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  • he may be keeping you as a side line incase things, if the texts were not that flirty it could just be that he was remembering the time you spent together, but he has a girlfriend now and he's keeping you as a back up. you deserve to be treated better girl! don't fret, go grab a few friends go shopping, grab a coffee mabe a bottle of wine for later? anything to take your mind off it :)

  • I hate to say it but 911 Turbo is right. He is probably dealing with rejection also. In other words, he only wants what he can't have. Because if he wanted you he would been came to you. Its the truth. He just keeping you in a safe place.


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