Still cares, he's the one that walked away from what we had?

i received a unexpected message yesterday from my ex... I don't know how but he had found out I had moved and he message me asking how it was I simply replied naturally and said our house is good its amazing has beautiful views etc his response straight away was what do you mean our house who do you mean our? like freaking out like I had a boyfriend not that that was any of his business but what do you think this means? I still honestly don't know how he knew I moved and why he would care who I was living with anyways... please give me some input


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  • they are controlling.. my ex is doing the same thing. he broke up with me a month ago, and every time I ignore him for a long time ( a week) he texts me asking me why I never replied, or if I tell him I'm at a party he calls me... I'm really annoyied by this act, because it makes me think he still cares about me, but mayybe this is not true, and its just the guy's nature to control...


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