Guys: Should I suspect? Girls:What do you think?

If every time you and your boyfriend are together and he is drinking and ends up intoxicted he tells you he hasn't ever cheated on you and you are the only girl he has slept with in the whole 2 years you been together would you think it's true because he is drunk when he says it or would you think he only says it when he is drunk because he is cheating and feels bad about it? I have never accused him and this is the only thing he does to make me kind of think hey might have .


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What Guys Said 1

  • I beg to differ probably he's not cheating on you, you see when a person gets drunk the usually tell things that they should observe when not intoxicated(personal opinion/secrets) should probably appreciate your man the way he's telling you even when he is already wasted LOL..probably control his alcohol intake it's for his own good


What Girls Said 1

  • I agree that he is less likely to lie when drunk.

    The thing I would be most concerned about is why he is bringing that up at all... Does he just randomly bring that up like he wants a prize? Does he have some obsession with cheating?

    • no but he knows my ex cheated a lot even with my family members

    • I'm sorry that happened :( It must have really sucked.

      It sounds like your boyfriend really wants to help you feel secure that he is not like that.

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