Do I have cheat on my for head?

what I am doing wrong I am always picking the wrong guys and at the end get cheated on. no to be stuck up but I thought I was every thing a man ever wanted in a girl.







u know the wify type

ugh ! help


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  • hmm, I wouldn't be able to take a girl seriously that has been cheated on. I don't find these women respectable I know you don't choose to be cheated on but you also were f***ing a man that cheats. that for me is a big problem because you know that the guy is not a good guy but for some reason you stayed with him and he cheated. why would I want to wife a girl that has been running around with men that cheat on her and I get and older less attractive more worn in wife. leftovers I would be getting leftovers for a wife who was f***ing men that were using her. its a lot to ask me and a lot of men to do. hope this helps

    • lol so to explain your situation I would probably cheat on you too or just break up when I find out bfs of yours in the past cheated on you. most likely break up because I'm not a mean person and I like to spare the bullsh*t however I might cheat you never know till the opportunity arises, but I am a nice person so I would most likely spare the bullsh*t and just break up but I couldn't take you seriously as wife material

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  • You don't fulfill them sexually.

    Sorry to be blunt but that is pretty much the reason why, or possibly just because you've been very unlucky but since its happened more than once I'm going to stick with my first answer!


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  • You aren't doing anything wrong, the guys just are immature and don't know what they have when they have it. Maybe you could be less trusting if you think that something's up. That way they'd know you were on to them and would have to decide whether or not you're just some girl, or if you're THE girl. Ya know?


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