Why do some girls that have rejected rebound sometimes?

I've been through this some times and it's confusing. In the past when I would ask a girl out or try to get flirty and get rejected, some of the girls would come back a few months later maybe a year or so and would be all flirty and sweet talking with me. What was that, some kind of conscious rebound?

Any other guys been through this?

Any girls admit to have done this or maybe it happened that way with a guy?


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  • Yes I've done it. I honestly don't know why, but I guess it could of just been that time I was just in a place where I didn't want anything to do with guys, etc. and then I realize that, that guy flirted with me he thinks I'm cute or whatever and by that time I want to be flirty. I dont' know, it's complicated haha

  • Yeah, I have been asked out by guys I wasn't attracted to until later. For me it was that I got to know them a little better in more of a casual way among friends. I have also been asked out when I wasn't available & of course turned the guys down. Timing is everything.

    When you say rebound, are you referring to someone jumping directly into another relationship because they are still vulnerable from a break up? If so, I think this is always something to watch out for regardless of other factors. I don't think it necessarily pertains directly to your situation.

    If girls are coming back looking for you, I'll assume it is that you are a nice person who makes a good impression ;)


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