What would you think if you were my ex boyfriend?

MY ex boyfriend and I were together 4 years he broke up with me about 4 months ago he still kept in contact with me. Right around 3 months he started calling instead of texting me he would only want to come over to get mail when I was home he went bowling with me he went with me to visit my dad in hospital I thought maybe he wants to get back together so I had a talk with him. He would text me during the week and I would text right back well now that he told me he only wants to be friends with me I told him I can't be his friend and just leave me alone. Sunday he text me sayin I know you don't want to here from me but can I come over next Sunday and get mail I never text him back. Then Tuesday night he text me again at like 9pm I didn't text back till 2am. Why would you break up with someone show them mixed signals and then want to be there friend he said because we were together so long and I just don't want to let it go so why not give another chance he still cares for me I can tell but I think he's doesn't know what he wants


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  • he is being very selfish! he wants to have the cake and eat it too...

    just tell him clearly what you want... that you can't be friends as of now...that you first need to move on!

    if he expects you to respect his decision..u are entitled fr the same. you don't yourself in this weird hybrid position (gf or friend)...trust me! either give it a chance or move on!

    if he is interested in a second chance that's a different story

    • Yea I told him please do not contact me and more I can't b friends with you and he's the one that broke up with me. He said ill get my dog and but out of your life then text me a week later its like he doesn't want to lose me I even ask if he would like to try and he said I do but dont

    • u are just letting him confuse u... if he can't decide doesn't mean you can't!

    • I did decide that's why I told him stop talkin to me just leave me alone

  • Sounds to me like he's being a bit like a spoiled child" " he had his little fit over not wanting to play with that toy... yet he doesn't want anyone else to play with it either"

    If you're uncomfortable with the situation he's putting you in by staying in contact yet not stepping up to the plate, cut him loose girl.

    But if its better for you emotionally to have some contact rather than have put that much time into someone who up and changed his mind about his relationship with you, be sure you question the motives...and seriously consider the negatives to giving him what he wants and attempting a friendship this early on...

    TRUST ME I'm telling you from recent experience ( I am friends with my ex and its not easy)

    It WILL bother you and get under your skin when your new "friend" starts moving on and replacing what he had with you... with someone new.

    So seriously consider wether it works for YOU as well to attempt a friendship this soon and if not DONT Give in to him.


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