I recently got out of a 2 year relationship and...

I was completely in love but the guy(Scott) I was with was a complete jerk so I decided to end it. He was insensitive, oblivious and a prick. Anyway, I have this ex, Travis, that I dated for about a year and a half in the past. We broke up because we were both young and immature..However, we have both changed. We got together and I can't help but miss Scott a lot, even though he was very mean..but I have feelings for travis, but they aren't as strong, but I'm hoping I'm just going through a phase from the breakup and can grow more feelings for Trav.

Is this normal to feel by getting out of a relationship and getting in a new one? Is it normal to feel a bit long distant?


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  • It is very normal, but it is not good. If he was poor for you and was simply a jerk, he is not worth your time. It is normal for people to miss things they are used to.

    It can almost be described as a habit. The first week of playing tennis on Wednesday might not get you into a habbit, but after two years it just becomes habit to always play on Wednesday.

    He always used to be around now you miss that he is not. Trust me though, you get over it eventually, you just need to fill that time and distract yourself with something else.

    Maybe with Tennis :)


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  • Don't try and grow feelings for anyone. In fact, don't feel like you need to be in a relationship yet. Just focus on yourself and interests/studies and let your feelings subside for your ex and then keep an eye on anyone who might peak your interest.

  • I dated a girl for three years who was totally bad for me, lied to me, treated me poorly but I was young and In love. Your bound to have feelings for someone you invested 2 years of your life into for awhile, its pretty normal. But if you know he wasn't right for you and you ended it then just remember why you ended it. I felt the same way after I got into a new relationship after her, but eventually I realized it was for the best.

    I met up with said ex of 3 years that I used to be totally in love with, after that, I realized I had totally moved on. It took about 9 months, but no feelings remain. Good or bad, where just friends now.

    • i wish I could get over my ex in 9 months...its been a little over a year

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