Is it possible my ex might want me back sat some point?

He wanted to break up Saturday so I gave him what he wanted. I was strong and didn't cry or beg. I just said I wish you the best and maybe we can be friends and I'm sure we'll meet other people. He then said we'll see how things work out. And when he hugged me goodbye he said it'll all work out somehow. I'm not going to contact him any since this was what he wanted. I know ultimately I need to move on, but is it possible he might want to work things out if I leave him alone?

He had said his heart wasn't in the relationship anymore.
Ran into him this weekend. He kept trying to talk and stared. I got closure and told him I love him and hope the best for him and if he wants to be friends I'm fine with that. He then almost cried. I held my own though. Guess he has a lot to think about.


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  • It's always possible that things may work out in the future, but it seems pretty unlikely. You handled the breakup very maturely, and you're right not to contact him. Take care of yourself and try to move on, and you never know, maybe he'll contact you again at some point down the line. If it's meant to be, it will be. If it's not, then this breakup was for the best.

    • Thanks for your input. You're right, I don't want to get my hopes up. At least I was able to be dignified!

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  • We''ll being apart from someone you care about can work, He already told you respect his decision..don't contact him and get busy with other important things. Just don't close the door yet and leave it open if that's going to workout

    • Ok, thank you very much for the input. it's been a little difficult because it was so unexpected for me. He took me on a trip two weeks before and he said things were getting better for us. But I'll let him be, this is what he wanted after all.

    • just give the guy sometime to think things over, no need to pursue he will come back if he really does love you..but while he is gone fix your self and do new things..when he sees you again he will be surprised that your doing well..most men also want to pursue a strong woman that knows herself and can handle things without a man in their lives =)

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  • WOOW am so sappy I would of cryed like a litle girl! but yea your completely right you need to leave him, get him out of your head! 9/10 guy that brake up just want to be single( you know dance beside any girl with out being clasifed as cheating drink with the mates til god knows what time) or already have another girl that they have there sight on! (sorry)

    • I just broke up with him last wednesday. At least you got a face to face one. He broke up with me over IM over what he thinks are different expections of the relationship. I did the same thing and respected what he wanted. It wasn't too hard I guess since we dated 2 months only. I'm still in mourning though I know I really shouldn't want him back. I'll give it time and focus on other things and not contact him. Hopefully we'll reflect on the parts of the relationship that would not work.

    • every time I get dumped and going into *lusting* as I call it I always like to do something for myself and I always say the same thing

      Become someone you know he will want but you know will never have!

      as it makes up for the sting of pain!

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