Why would a guy not text after texting he misses me?

I have gone on 3 dates with a man. 3 amazing dates.

this friday, he let me know he can't go on a date that saturday. (he doesn't know if he works weekends until Fridays at his factory) he sent me a text saying "I work tomorrow.sucks.the app ends in feb. miss u."

he didn't text, so Tuesday (last night) I sent him a text saying "thinking bout you, how's it going?"

he never answered.

WHY WOULD A GUY DO THAT? I mean, to me it is so rude!


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  • it would be rude if he did it on purpose, but I think maybe you're being a little anxious. there could be a billion reasons he hasn't gotten back to you yet. I'm sure he will soon. I mean you've only gone on 3 dates so give him more time and let him pursue/contact you right now.


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