He said he didn't want a relationship. What do I need to do? wait?

So then the next day he texts me at like 11 pm and is telling me to come hang out but I was drunk so I couldn't really. Then the next day (Sunday) he texted me and was telling me to let him and his friend come over and chill with me and my friend at her house, but I was like no. And stuff cause it was late and he parents were home. The next day (Monday) I texted him apologizing and said I wanna see you so I chilled with him on Monday and then we texted a bit after I went home but the convo wasn't going anywhere so I stopped replying but texted him saying goodnight later that night, he never replied though. So then yesterday, I texted him and was like what are you doing and he was like nothing really you? And I said come to the mall and he said I can't but you could probably come over for a little. So I ended up going over and chilling for like an hour before I had to leave cause his dad was leaving. But he told me to sneak back over after his dad left but I didn't wanna do that cause I didn't wanna get him in trouble. After I left I texted him being like how long was he gone for and he was like I don't know and I said could I have had time to sneak over? And he was like probably ha ha and I said aww I should've then and he said I told ya ha ha and by that time I was going to bed so I was like alright well I'm going to bed I'll talk to you later and he was like alright night.

so now it's Tuesday the next day after we chilled, and I haven't heard from him. I feel like he doesn't want to talk to me or chill with me, which is know if dumb but idk. I want to know for a fact he wants to hill and see me. I'm just nervous because he said he didn't want a relationship right now. So I dunno. Should I wait for him to text me? I don't want to be the girl that always goes to him to talk, I want him to come to me. And I initiated us hanging out yesterday. What should I do?

read this before you answer. this is the first part.


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  • Sound like a guy after one thing to me. Not trying to be cynical, but from what I got there, the guy wants to get some alone time in with you, and I'm betting "talking" isn't on his mind.

    • see that's the thing though. when were together we just hang put, like we'll kiss. but, we don't have sex. even when I went out with him I didn't have sex with him. so I know it's not that.

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    • what if you just don't ant a relationship in general? would that still just mean you want me only for a hook-up even though you use to be all about me and date me?

    • I just can't say I really believe in the idea of somebody not wanting a relationship. He just doesn't want to be in a relationship with you enough to commit. His feelings for you aren't strong enough to warrant a relationship in his life right now, or maybe ever. He's attracted, sure.

      If a guy has strong enough feelings for somebody, he'll make room in his life. He'll find a way. It's not that he doesn't want a relationship, he just doesn't know anyone he cares about enough to warrant one.

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