Does helping a guy with his problems make him think of you as a good friend?

This guy has liked me before and for a while. He bought me a Christmas present, always tries to get me stuff and has told me months ago he had a thing for me but I said I just wanted friendship.

Last night I just had a fight with my parents and I told him about it and he was being really nice and started opening up to me too. He said his best friend just started getting with his ex behind his back and he's been really upset about it

What is this? I don't feel like he's trying to get close to me because he's still interested and wants something to happen or why would he bring up things with his ex, making it obvious he still has feelings for her.

In the end he thanked me and said I made him feel better

  • He just likes the support and having someone to talk to
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  • Its just betrayal by best friend that upsets him & he wants to get close to you
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  • Other... explain?
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  • I believe that he's just "testing the water" to see how you'd react to him bring up an ex, since you say he has liked you in the past & probably still does to an extent.
    ...or he may just want to relate to the way you were feeling about your parents the other night...
    In any case, the former is what I believe is running though his mind, trying to make you react.

    Be neutral about it and pay it no mind as he probably wants some kind of a reaction out of you, probably to make you jealous and subconsciously... make you want him as he brings up another woman into the picture.
    1. - If you do have some feelings for him, call him out on it and ask why he brings up a former lover in conversation. He'll explain his method of madness per se...
    2. - If you don't really care about this and are just wondering why he does such things, don't acknowledge it at all, he'll soon drop this ex subject with you if he is trying to make you jealous about it...

    Yet, by considering you are asking a question about this, you are curious on the subject & may be developing some feelings for him as he no longer likes you the way he did, subconsciously.
    Think about this guy carefully and ponder if he is worth being curious about...
    If he is then go with choice 1. if not, choice 2
    Good Luck

    • Yeah I agree I don't know if I want him but the fact that he's had a girlfriend who sounded serious..makes me kinda want him more than I did

      I know he is really mad at his friend for going for his ex and I understand that I would be too but I feel like with guys, to be that mad, youd have to still have feelings for her. He wants to practically beat up his best friend cause he feels so betrayed. But at the same time when he told me months ago that he liked me he said he wasn't going to say anything

    • but he did because it was "bothering him too more to not" and even after that he's persisted me which to me seemed like he really liked me.. and I'm not saying that out of hope or anything it was just what it seemed like. I'm just trying to figure out what is most likely going on since it doesn't match up haha

    • yeah, the fact that he made you a bit jealous was probably his goal,

      personally, when I think about an ex, its just that, an ex who was a "former lover"

      he may have feelings for this girl still, as would I for any ex but not to an extent of what I used to have when I would be dating her.

      he would be mad if any emotion at the thought of a former love being with another but don't pay it any mind as it is just a mandatory response us guys have. :P

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What Guys Said 2

  • Talking about your ex doesn't mean you have a thing for your ex. It's more a d*** move on his best friend going out with his ex behind his back. Breaks our Man Law and it's just a d*** move all around.

  • Helping a guy with his problems would most definitely at least make him think of you as a good friend. As for if he likes you or not, he might and he might not. Your right that he may still have feelings for his ex, but that doesn't mean he can't have feelings for you also. He may just be having a hard time getting over his ex, especially with the friend thing, but I would say its very possible that he likes you, especially with him opening up to you like that. I know I myself wouldn't open up like that to someone unless they were a very good friend or I liked them. I hope I helped


What Girls Said 2

  • Well I'm in somewhat of the same situation. This guy I find attractive took a break with his girlfriend, whom eventually got back together, and I helped him with it just to make sure he wasn't bummed or anything and just there to talk to him. Well he said he loved me as his friend and wanted me to be one of his bestfriends because I'm a "wonderful girl" who helps him alot. So all in all I think he considers you an important person in his life and just wants you to know more about him. & to get a deeper relationship.

  • He wants to see if he gets under your skin. If he does then he knows you like him. Not a big deal if you don't see him that way, just being friends with him will get him to open up more to you.


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