Question about blocking people?

How come when I block someone I can still see there questions? Does it mean it hasn't worked properly, cause I clicked back onto their profile to see if it did and it only gave me the option to unblock? So I'm guessing when you block someone they can't see your stuff but you can still see theirs, yea?


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  • you can answer their question and comment on their answer and alter their arrows. but they can't do those things with you, unless they block you as well.

    • Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but will they know I've blocked them?

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    • I wanna be invisible :( and yep. Stupid people on this site sometimes.

    • sorry to hear that. there are many perverted retards on here tho :(

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  • No, to my knowledge you can both see everything the other person says, but they can't comment on your stuff, answer your questions or PM you. That's why I always rage when I go to answer a question with a really long answer and it says I've been blocked, hahaha.

    Who'd you block?

    • Some weird dude on my chat that wouldn't buzz off with his craziness. I don't want him to know I blocked him though. I just wish he couldn't see me at all.

    • Lol, I thought it was me. Phewww.

      Yeah. I can understand that. Its not like blocking someone on MSN, which is easy. Haha. This block features sort of weak.

  • well I can see everything of who blocked me, but I can't answer their questions, no comments , no thumbs up or down, I can't add them in friends, but yes I can chat with them

  • It has nothing to do with questions you can still view their questions but that's all...btw you're cute

    • Oh OK. So what if I tried to answer the question, it just wouldn't work? And thanks.

    • you can answer their question still lol and my pleasure ;D

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  • Thanks for your post!

    You are correct--when you block a user, you are still able to see his/her posts. They, however, cannot answer your posts or contact you.



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