Why is it OK for him to cheat, but not OK for me to sleep with someone after we broke up?

(Ex) boyfriend admitted to cheating twice during out relationship. We split. Its been 3 days. I told him a lie that I had slept with someone tonight just to p*ss him off. He flipped out. Why?


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  • Because he has double standards, its OK for him to do whatever he wants but if you do its the end of the world. A lot of guys are like this. It also may be that he doesn't want you when he has someone else to bang, but now that he thinks you've moved on he's freaking out, because he no longer has control of you and is losing his power..

    While he was cheating on you, he still had you and had control of the situation, now he no longer does and its making him hurt and angry. I think you should cut off contact. He sounds like he's not worth it, like everything is fine as long as it goes his way.

    I also don't understand the other two answers. When a guy cheats on a girl, and the girl gets revenge she's the worst bitch in the world, but if its the other way round the guy is just hurt and everyone comforts him. Like how is that fair? Its so dumb.


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  • You wanted t p*ss him off, and you did. Mission accomplished. There is no need for you asking this. It's a waste of virtual space.

    • your a guy, you probably think the same way.

  • wow wow you said I told him a lie to p*ss him off, and you ask why he flipped out? stupid person alert lmfao

    • wow, typical guy response. it was more about being hypocritical.

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