Is it okay to have a big ego boost from an ex saying they regret losing me?

Cause yeah, I'm on cloud nine with the ego boost I got this morning from an ex telling me that he regretted losing me.

At the same time, I feel bad. I have boyfriend that is AWESOME and we both love each other very much.

So I feel like I shouldn't feel this big of an ego boost. :\


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  • hell yeah I would LOVE to get a text like this! Especially if they broke up with you and you were heartbroken. This would make me feel better.

    HOWEVER...i would only feel like this IF I still had feelings for him. I know I have some exes that if they sent me a text like this, I would ignore it and think nothing of it. Probably would even p*ss me off that I'm still in their mind.

    So yeah, I definitely think you still have feelings for this guy. So you need to really start thinking about it and be totally honest about how you feel. and if you realize that you do infact have feelings for him, then you need to decide if its worth losing your current boyfriend and going back to the ex. long was it from the time you broke up until he contacted you? was there no contact in between that?

    • After writing this question, I considered what it would take for me to go back with him and I came up with that there is nothing that will make me go back to him as anything more than a friend.

      He broke my heart many times (the last being Oct 2009) and didn't try to contact me at all until Oct when he did a FB friend request. It wasn't until today that we spoke on the phone.

      I don't believe that feelings are the main thing in a relationship.

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  • Do you still have feelings for your ex? Sounds like you might, or it wouldn't make a difference.

    • Of course, I always have some sort of feelings for anyone I fancied in the past. Like, "Hey, those were good times" but it's not at like like I would ever want to be with him again. After posting this question, I wondered if there was any amount of money that would exchange to be with him. And I came up with nothing. There's nothing that could make me want to be more than a friend with him ever again.

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  • I think everybody likes being sought-after. It doesn't mean you don't love him or anything. Attention from ex's are always an ego boost because it reminds you that you have done something right and that you're weren't just 'there'.

    • Thanks for a good answer :)

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