No contact will bring ex back?

do you believe no contact will make an ex miss you and start to want you back after time apart/no contact


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  • Babe. I've seen you post the same thing multiple times. You are a cute girl and I am going through a break up as well. All my friends say I can do better. They tell me your beautiful smart etc blah blah blah lol.. I know it hurts when the one you love isn't returning the feelings with validation. Hold your head up and temporarily put him on the back burner. I'm not saying deny that you love him, but use the no contact to give yourself time to heal. When people say move on.. move on like this: Take care of your number one player: YOU. Think about all the time you are wasting worrying about when he will come back. Get a calendar mark days off. Surround yourself with gf'S. Go work out- seriously help! And hey it couldn't hurt if your man comes back and your looking finne:) It also relieves stress load up your ipod with non sappy music. As hard as it may be go on dates when asked. Keep it light hearted. If you have to preface it with let's just go out as friends then fine. It will take your mind off temporarily. These are things I've been doing. If it is meant to be and when I say that I mean that this is literally the person that is going to meet your needs in a relationship then it will happen. If not there is someone else that literally is waiting for you:) It also comforts me to think that there has to be... that things won't be so difficult and that will care about wanting to be with you. Good luck and message me if you want!

    • thank you! I'm taking your advicee no more feeling sorry for myself.

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  • If there is any chance that they would want to get back together, having no contact is the best way to find out. If you are always around and available to them, it might get annoying and push them away... but more importantly, they won't be able to miss you.

  • ohhh the good old cold shoulder might if he really likes you, but then again it might not if he sees right through you and finds out you are playing games with me. Second if he doesn't like you any more, ignoring him will just keep him further away from you, or won't do anything really.

    • sorry I meant to say play games with him lmao

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