Breaking up before holidays and birthdays?

Is it common for break ups to occur right before holidays? Why? I have a strange suspicion that my boyfriend might have broken up with me on December 15 because he knew Christmas, our 1 year anniversary (Jan 1st), my birthday (Jan 21st), and Valentine's day were all coming up- meaning $$$. What do you think? I'm thinking he might try to get back with me after valentine's day lol.

P.S. He had many excuses for ending it, but a couple of them were "You deserve better", "I can't be a good boyfriend to you at this time", etc. We dated for a year and he never took me on one date, or bought me anything. It might just be a coincidence. Is this a common thing people do?
Yeah, he just wanted to avoid the holidays/ That is very common.
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No, that is just a coincidence/ That is probably one reason, but not the only reason
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Breaking up before holidays and birthdays?
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