Breaking up before holidays and birthdays?

Is it common for break ups to occur right before holidays? Why? I have a strange suspicion that my boyfriend might have broken up with me on December 15 because he knew Christmas, our 1 year anniversary (Jan 1st), my birthday (Jan 21st), and Valentine's day were all coming up- meaning $$$. What do you think? I'm thinking he might try to get back with me after valentine's day lol.

P.S. He had many excuses for ending it, but a couple of them were "You deserve better", "I can't be a good boyfriend to you at this time", etc. We dated for a year and he never took me on one date, or bought me anything. It might just be a coincidence. Is this a common thing people do?
  • Yeah, he just wanted to avoid the holidays/ That is very common.
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  • No, that is just a coincidence/ That is probably one reason, but not the only reason
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  • I think most do it before holidays for other reasons than money. Usually because they think the niceness of the holidays will offset the pain for the person (which is wrong). Or who knows.

    Don't get back with him if he tries. I mean, he's going to break up over something so stupid? If I didn't have the money to get her something I'd tell her and if she has a problem with that well then she's clearly a shallow bitch lol.

  • Well I would vote but my vote would be that he just wanted to avoid spending money and this is NOT common.

    If you are in a loving relationship and there are money issues you talk it out with the other person and you tell them you are low on funds and you find alternative ideas to do for one another that shows the other person they are special to you without having to spend money.

    Honestly you can do better. There are tons of guys out there that will take you on dates and buy you things and you don't have to have sex with them right off the bat. I don't think he is someone you want to be with in your future. Sounds like he runs away when he has problems. That doesn't sound like a man to me :)

    • lol so true. thanks :) haha

      How much would you bet that he will try to get back with me after valentine's day?

    • If he does be a bitch to him. Be like oh you want to date me again? So where you taking me on our first date. If he doesn't give you an answer you want which he probably won't. You say oh thanks for wanting to date me but I'll pass :).

      Be a bitch and act like you are the sh*t and he will buy you stuff and take you on dates. Either that or you will make him feel like sh*t which he deserves.

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