Does facebook mean he's cheating?

so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a month now. He won't accept my relationship request, every time I post something on his wall he deletes it, every time I tag him in a status he deletes it from his page. either he's cheating, or hiding our relationship.. RIGHT? & and what should I say to him about it.?


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  • Hmmmm a month can be a little soon to be "official"...and tagging him in posts may be coming on too strong...perhaps his view of the relationship and yours are different? Just thoughts xoxo But I do believe facebook is good for one thing...weeding out players! There's no hiding it if you can't be facebook is a big indication that there's something up. But it could be 1000 things. I've spent a year dating two players in the past 2 years and let me tell you I wish more than anything I'd MADE them put "in a relationship" with me on facebook...that would have saved me a lot of time and heartache. Definately ask him about it wishes and remember if not him, someone BETTER! :) :) xo


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  • I agree. He should be proud to be with his woman, unless he doesn't want other girls to know he's 2 timing. Tell him it's obvious he's up to something. He can deny deny deny all he wants but actions speak way louder than words. I can tell you that I'm an honest person all I want, but if you see me doing something dishonest would you still believe me? I hope not. People show you who they really are just pay attention to the little things. Good luck!

  • His attitude sounds shady to me. Why don;t you ask him why he did that?

    But, as a general comment I think many girls gotta stop with messages and everything else in FB. I hate public games and commenting publicly on all kind of private issues. Don't take that comment personally, it's just a general comment not directed to you.

    • if you don't wanna show a girl off, why be with her?

    • I'm with a girl because I like her, I don't need to show her off to boost my ego. I feel good with her looking great when we hang out with family, friends, or just go out. But it's not the main purpose of my relationships.

      And my comment about FB has nothing to with that. I was expressing my opinion that many girls are acting crazy with FB, spending way too much time on it and playing all kind of mind games that are inappropriate.

  • Personally I am a guy who doesn't like Facebook that much, but I don't delete things that look good on me. When you are someone going into a job, Employers look at your Facebook page! They want to know the kind of person that you are. If he is deleting things he may just not like the concept of Facebook.

    Facebook denials doesn't mean he is cheating. It means he might be abit Internet-Paranoid. My girlfriend harasses me to use Facebook more and I simply refuse personally. It is not that I am cheating, I am in a healthy relationship of one year so far, I just don't like Facebook.

    I'd do some real life checking around before you believe what you read on the Internet is the short of it. Or read INTO in this case.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you!


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