Discovered my ex was “cheating” on me?

alright so me and my ex have been broken up for a week now. we decided it would be better to just be friends because we both had a lot of baggage to deal with in our life and wasn’t ready for a relationship. so yeah during the relationship i had my doubts because she stopped being affectionate towards me and we stopped being intimate. the only time we spent together was when i would take her back and forth to work and even then she be on her phone and barely showing me attention. she had randomly blocked me on instagram while we were dating and that was a red flag. i followed her on my second account i use to use and she just accepted my follow request today and i see she’s been with these other dude while we were still together and he also has pictures on his account and says he loves her and this and that. she never posted a caption on her post and never responded to his bursts of i love you but she has liked his posts. so i went over to her house and confronted her today, i wanted to hear her side of the story before i completely cut her off because i still love and care about her. she listened to what i had to say but she said he’s just someone who understands her and they’re just friends and she had a talk with him about him saying he loved her. i honestly don’t know what i should believe because if she was cheating she clearly wouldn’t admit to it even if she was caught. she told me if it isn’t about money or her daughter then at this point nothing matters to her. we talked for the past 6 hours about this and other stuff and then she said she wished i would just drop it because she was tired and we aren’t in a relationship anymore so it doesn’t matter anyways. so what do you guys think? i would post the pics but i don’t want to expose anyone’s identity
edit: i went to go drop her stuff off at her moms house the other day and she claims that she's being kicked out because i showed up to the house without her knowing even though her mom was nice to me
Discovered my ex was “cheating” on me?
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