Why don't women like to talk in relationships?

I'm a 22 year old male. I often go on dates with women and have had a number of relationships. I always end up ending the relationships because of the women being uncommunicative and untalkative. I really want a woman who is talkative, communicative, open and informs me of her life. I also want a woman who makes conversation, is able to ask me questions and enjoys being asked questions about herself.

I find that trying to find a woman like this is absolutely impossible as all the women around my age I meet are all extremely non talkative and communicative, despite any common interests we may have.

Growing up, I always looked forward to dating real women. Women who are talkative and hold conversations. I've have found that in reality, women are extremely non chatty, open and communicative.

Why are women like this these days? Is it possible to find a talkative and communicative woman?

The communication doesn't even have to be in depth. I struggle to find women of a talkative nature.

Very chatty. I constantly crave it. I love nothing more than talking to people.


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  • UNFORTUNATELY, today's media does send really odd messages to women...be independent (not needy), DON'T be too chatty (men don't like it...think about it all the sitcoms, etc brand any chatty woman as a drama queen or empty headed) , don't reveal too much, etc.

    I think women are confused about our role in dating relationships. We either talk incessantly about ourselves OR clam up. There are women out there that you will meet that have a balance. They talk, and listen...really listen, and when they talk it isn't always about themselves and their friends and drama.

    It is an age/confidence thing. Women are told to be nice and be desirable, yet we all want to be loved for who we are...female traits, softness, nurturing, etc. are seen as weak, and women are told to be strong and independent. You just haven't found the right fit. As I said, it's an age/maturity/confidence thing. Young women want to have fun and not be too serious, that is, of course, until they find they guy they want to sink their claws into...then look out!

    Good luck...


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  • Wow I get the same problem but just the other way around! I suppose you should try looking for ladies somewhere different than where you are looking now. I've found that people in clubs are always awfully uncommunicative. The best results I've gotten was going to musical festivals. There's always people around who want to talk. OR just wait it out. That's what I did also and somewhere I have met a few who is talkative. Good luck though, I know how annoying that is!

  • Let me ask you this: are you very chatty yourself?

    • Very chatty. I crave it. I love nothing more than talking to people, especially women I'm interested in or dating.

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    • I've tried this strategy. It just results no communication or conversation from the woman whatsoever. The women don't make conversation, ask questions or answer in more than a couple of words if I'm lucky, no matter how related to our or her interests and how open ended.

      I've yet to meet a woman who could have anything that resembled even basic, primitive chatting and conversation.

    • If they're not asking you questions, they're either not interested in you or just poor conversationalists. Anyway, if you have anything in common, that would be a good topic of conversation.

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  • You may find this funny but it is because of all the connection and communication that we talk less and feel like less needs to be said.

    People are so used to Facebook, texting, and other form of communication to the degree that people are being less talkative and less connective in the younger age bracket I find! I am in your boat too. With so much ability and oppertunity to talk to a person we, as society, find it less important to share information oddly enough.

    It is like watermelon. You see it in the store and you really want to because you haven't had it in a long time. Then you have Rice. You might have it all the time or it is so readily available that you never have a craving for it.

    Back in the day we were not so connected so talking about things and events and so on was more important to us. But now it is like Rice.

    Hope this helps reveal this. A good way to get past this is fine someone who is detached from their Cell Phone or Facebook.


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