Ex boyfriend problems?

the love of my life just broke up with me and he tells me he loves me but I not convinced cause well he's the one who broke us up first off and I mean love him a lot don't get me wrong but we don't see each other any more I think that's y help me


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  • Chances are he is afraid of commitment and by having the boyfriend label makes him feel chained down. If you do not see each other any more, why is that? Do you live far away from eachother? Do you just not go out on nights out? Dates? Those sort of things?

    If so, try to have 1 day per week that you always go out. Every Thursday evening for example (Or whenever is best for you two) and your relationship should become much more healthy!

    • thanks its because me and him moved away he lives in converce and I live in south san antonio and I barley see him any more like once every 3 months

  • Hello Chrystal, I think he says that he loves you because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

    I also think that your relationship is over for good, sad as it may be.

    Being in relationships can be rough sometimes especially when breaking up.

    Just spend your spare time now on yourself and do things that make you happy. I always found that joining a gym was good for an ego. I don't mean go to a gym just to look for guys but to get in good shape and that will make you feel good about yourself and sometime along the way new guys will come along or you'll meet a nice guy. Or instead of a gym do something else that you like to do.

    The right guy will come along if you're not too hasty, good things come to those who wait, just don't wait too long.



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