How do I handle the pain from this situation?? Help PLEASE!! :(

My ex and I dated for a long time, he was really into me, and I ended up breaking up with him for a lot of reasons. He contacted me 2 years ago wanting to get back together and I contacted him back and he was mad I didn't answer soon enough. (It took me three days to get the email, and he said he was back with his girlfriend by then) So I forgot about him and moved on and just recently I started thinking of him again and decided to apologize and I've tried to contact him once and I got blocked on MySpace and then I made a new account and apologized for EVERYTHING id done and asked him for another chance and I get blocked AGAIN. Either its him or his girlfriend doing this but whoever it is, is MEAN for not even replying at all. Now I'm upset beyond belief and don't know what to do. Obviously I'm not going to send him anymore messages but I'm trying to get my head around WHY this would happen? At least when he contacted me I was nice enough to respond!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Most likely it's his woman or his woman is around for being deleted so often...

    That one contact for him to be mad, I would think he was looking for a quick one nighter to sooth his troubled time, and that's it...

    It's Over hun move on, sorry...


What Girls Said 1

  • he has an attitude problem and you really don't need that in your life. he got mad at you because you didn't respond soon enough? if he was serious and wanted a quick answer, a smart guy would've at least called instead. and the fact that he decided to just move on to some other girl because you were too slow shows he probably didn't want you that much anyway. or even cared. he was probably just desperate looking for anyone and was taking first come first serve. find a new man, someone who isn't an obvious douche bag and will actually love you. I have no patience for men like that, so sorry if I came across bitchy or rude. I just think it's childish. there's better men out there worth your time :)


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