What does it mean if my ex boyfriend tells me he has doubts?

My ex and I dated for several years. We got along super well and hardly fought about anything. Our last year together, I went through a lot of personal issues at home. I began to shut down and did not communicate with him or with anyone as well as I used to. We began arguing over stupid things because I was on edge the whole time. Finally, he told me he needed his time because he has doubts, that if we back together it would be for good. He can't do that because he has doubts right now. After about a month of no contact he contacted me to talk but keeps telling me the same thing about his doubts. What do I do? What does this mean? In my head its over but I don't want to miss out on getting back with him he wants the same thing.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he has doubts about it you shoudnt waste you're time with him

    • Thanks. I just feel like he is not going to get over his doubts without giving it a try. I know I can't make him see that. I just need to move on. Thanks

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is concerned that you still haven't worked through your personal issues. He knows that these issues have affected your relationship and he doesn't want them to continue to. Try to make some progress with those issues first, and then consider dating again. Or, let him know that is something that you plan to do. Tell him that you understand that he is still deciding, and do something simple like just get a cup of coffee with him. I'm sure he is concerned about you, and wants things to get better for you, but maybe he just doesn't know how he can help you.


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