Is it a good or bad move to ask a guy for an exchange in numbers?

Guys, is a girl asking you for your #/ asking you for your # in exchange for hers, a turn off or even a bad move?


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  • I do that a lot of the time, and not even when people I'm possibly interested in are concerned. I do it with just random friends/acquaintances too, because sometimes guys feel weird asking for a girl's number if they're not really interested in her in that way; they don't want to give her the impression that they like her. Overall, doing this allows me to meet more people. Plus, it shows initiative and confidence, and it throws the ball in his court while also reassuring him that he won't get total rejection. Some guys are just too nervous to bring it all into context. I mean, I personally can see why it'd be a bit nerve-wracking to ask a girl for her number; if you get rejected by her... then what? You're left feeling embarrassed and have possibly lost the chance for a decent friendship/relationship.

    I usually just start out with a casual conversation and if anything comes up that would involve needing to talk over text, then I bring up the fact that it'd be easier if I had his number. And if nothing like that happens, I'll just ask for it anyway if we're having a good conversation. If you two are having a great conversation where both of you are enjoying yourselves and equally putting forth effort, he shouldn't be too weirded out or surprised by it. (since it'd be a bit odd to ask for a guy's number after having pointless small talk and talking about the weather for two minutes)

    But yeah, in general, I think it's good, it's mutually beneficial!


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  • its easier for you, when a guy asks a girl almost anythhing could go wrong, but when you ask he practically HAS to say yes!

    good luck by the way :)

    • Thanks. I'm actually kinda scared to ask. I was gonna ask the guy today, but I punked out, because a friend of a friend of mine, ended up asking him how he feels about a girl asking him for his number. Which pissed me off because I didn't feel comfortable asking him since she asked him that question for me when I didn't ask her to. It was just too awkward. && then she gave me her epersonal opinion about me wanting to date him. She said I shld walk away...

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    • Thanks for the advice :) I think I'll give it a shot.

    • good luck!

  • first talk to him natural like and then ask for his number

  • it show ititiative. I think its good.


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