I cheated on him, but I didn't mean it ...

My boyfriend haaaaaates it when I talk to other guys. He gets so jealous very easily. He saw that I'd been playing with loads of guys, and he thinks I'm doing the same to him so he's LITERALLY blanking me! HELP? & I can't talk to him :/


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  • When you're with a guy it is okay to; Talk to other guys

    Hang out with other guys

    Hug other guys

    Sometimes (as long as you're not blowing of the boyfriend and he

    knows and is okay with it) get out and do stuff with other guys

    it is NOT okay to; Sleep with other guys

    Flirt with other guys

    Go to other guys houses to 'watch movies' ect.

    or basically anything which you feel is special when you do it

    with YOUR bf.

    • That's the thing; he gets very jealous even if I just say hi to another guy. I guess I took it too far & flirted with more guys whilst going out with him & know I guess he totally hates me. But he's done it before, he went out with another girl but he didn't hide it. He used her & he hates her.I got overbut he should do the same!

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  • you did mean it maybe you shouldn't have been so easy you're at fault

    • Well, I didn't realize that this time I took it too far and now I am stuck not knowing what to do!

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  • How do you not mean to cheat on someone? You can't play with loads of guys if you have a boyfriend, unless you'd be okay with him doing the same with other girls. He is totally in the right to be mad at you. Sorry, but it's true.

    • I know, I know ... But he used a girl when he went out with me & he didn't hide it either. I also know he flirts with lots of girls - just because he deleted the messages doesn't mean I didn't see them!

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    • I'm in a similar situation, but sometimes you just have to tell him no and that's final and cut off all communication for a while.

    • wooow; thanks for the advice!

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