Please evaluate this situation! ( Messaged an ex )?

so last week he broke my hear telling me that we need to split ending it with your so pretty, sweet, smart am so sorry u'll find a great guy!

i crushed down and I text him, I don't give a **** about you anymore. not abit you mean to me

then I started listing all the sweet bullsh*t he used to say to me then ended it, what was all that? you lied to me ...etc! sure, he didn't reply !


now that it's all over!

i feel that I lower myself and I was everything but classy!

thu I hv a broken heart and I can't believe what he had done to me, I hate the fact that he'll always remember that I couldn't take his decision to move without me!

so I just sent him an FB message saying:

am sorry for my break down last week

and I just want you to know that am fine with your decision

sorry if I did you wrong

and I forgive you if you did me wrong

best wishes :)

==> he can clearly see that I moved on on Facebook and that am so socializing and doing it without him!

know I already sent the msg!

but I can always use your opinion, maybe for next time lol

i wonder will he hate me more? will he reply?! ? what is he thinking now!?

highly appreciate it :)

will I ever get him back?! :'(


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  • that was a nice msg... it just showed you have a clear head now...u are a bigger person because you hv forgivn him and that you are moving on...

    dnt wait for his reply...i dnt know bt I have noticed tht whnever I wait for something it just never just when I gt on wid my life that it arrives...dunno y

  • Your doin the right thing now- move on. Don't b suprised if he doesn't reply. He may need his time out just leave it at that :-)


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