Would you do your ex a favor?

he asked me 4 a favor b4 the break up regarding a job he desperately wanted, should I help him out as I promised and keep it formal? or should I just ignore and make him regret? :S

he dumped me btw! :(

the way it ended:

he said.. your so prett, cute, sweet and smart u'll find a great guy

am sorry I can't take it to higher level!

i replied.. ***** u, your a lier, all what you used to say to me was bullsh*t!.. I hate u, you dnt mean a thing to me anymore! :S


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  • In my opinion you should be nice to him and help him with his problem, like .. he was nice to you even while breaking up so I think that you should be nice for him too.

  • Well, there's really only one angle to this. Would you rather keep your word, or break a promise for the sake of petty revenge?


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