Have you ever called your new boyfriend or girlfriend by your ex's name?

I accidentally did this. My new man didn't like it. It wasn't like we were making out. It was a total mistake on my part. But... I also talked about my ex too much, I think. My ex and I were together for over six years and remained friends. I feel like my new man read too much into it all though. I know how much I liked the new guy. I was all about him. Ironically, he's the one that got back with his ex. Is it too late for me to try to explain to him that I'm over my ex?


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  • Hard to tell. My fear is that you are setting yourself for a nasty uphill battle.

    The guy seems conflicted and his family seems to root for the previous woman, who apparently made an impression on them by going to jail !?

    Even if he was preferring to be with you, you're going to be in a difficult and probably painful situation if his family keeps whispering in his ear how he should get back with the other woman.

    Frankly I don't see what you can do beside what you are doing. Best bet is she goes back to jail and you can structure something more solid with him.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks! I appreciate your comments. I am a little conflicted over whether or not I should tell him how much I really feel for him, but for now, my instincts are to lay low.

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  • wow that's harsh, you called him by your ex's name! lol

    And you talked too much about your ex.

    But, then you say you were all about him though?

    Seems like he wasn't over his ex either since he's back with her now.

    What about you 4 get together and have a party? j/k

    You didn't give any time scale so it's hard for me to comment. If you guys were together for more than a few months then he should already have his opinion on whether your over your ex or not or if he wants to be with you or not.

    Do you think he left you solely because he had doubts that you were over your ex?

    • Yeah I actually was all about him. I wasn't playing around. I may have made a few mistakes with talking about my ex, but overall I treated this guy amazing. Anyway, to answer your question about the time scale, I was with him only for a month. As for your second question, he gave me so many conflicting stories over why it wasn't working out for him. The ex thing was just one of the things he mentioned. I"m going to have to continue this on a second post... getting too long. Stay tuned.

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    • I see, seems like the situation is quite complicated by family business. You guys hadn't been together very long either. Are you sure the guy is worth enough to bother with all these extra complications?

    • Yeah he's worth it. I just can't figure out what to do. I'm giving him space right now. He may think that I just want to be friends. I"m not trying to throw myself at the guy. Any ideas why he would say all of that stuff to me, but then get back with her?

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