After getting married, why would the wife move to her husband's home & take his family name?

You might say: "this is my man, I live under the roof that he provided for me & took his family name so we become a family and when someone talks about him than it's like talking about me & if he's hurt that means that I'm hurt...but when talking about your parents and kids ad your husband, you might see that their all biologically attached to you except your husband...but you might say that your husband is closer to you than all of them cause he a part of your soul which is eternal and would not parish in this earth like our mortal body...:)


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  • I don't understand the question.

    I would def take on my husbands name, I wouldn't go for double names or not change it at all.

    Of course I would also live with him. I guess we first would have an appartment and maybe later buy a house. But I would only rare cases move in with him and his family if that was the question.

    • Nope I didn't meant this with my question...but actually I liked your answer cause you still high values for marriage and believe that the man is head of the house...but I wanted to know your opinion about girls who wants to remain in their own home that they rent and keep their family name cause he doesn't own her, some consider that taking their husband's family name would be owning the way genevieve, you added as a friend long time ago, can I know why?

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    • I read where you from, that's why I added you, I had a question about life there, for class. I don't really know you so by my definition we're not really friends

    • than why did you added me, and what kind of question do you have for me...if I'm not your friend than please remove me from your friends list...

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  • because that's ok

  • I don't really get the question. I know that when I get married, I'm probably going to be the one with more money, and a bigger house, and so we'd be moving into my house.

    It's true, in many ways I'm very traditional and in other ways I'm not. I do want to get married and have kids, and a house with a puppy. I love cooking and cleaning, I love being able to communicate so well with someone that in some areas they could just take control of things. But for the most part, I see marriage as a team work sort of thing. And ultimately, I see myself as being the more "successful" one, I'm not taking anyones name, mine is too awesome, and he most certainly doesn't own me, we're in a joint ownership with each other :)

    • you said your very traditional well to me you sound completely the contrary and you sound to me a radical feminist who saves herself by just saying I love cooking and cleaning, well of course no one who lives alone won't clean after him/herself and cooking is a job and many people love cooking...what make you think that you will be better than the man you will meet...but OH YES feminists only love sissies, I forgot!

    • I'm in no way a radical feminist :P You probably don't even know the proper definition of a feminist. And I can't help but realize that I'm already extremely successful, its not my fault most guys making 6 figures aren't the types of guys I'd spend my life with, their mostly all assholes. Marrying a guy with a 5 digit salary doesn't make him a sissy. And I didn't say I was very traditional, I said in many ways I am very traditional.

    • I own this female.

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